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Chicken Coop

 The chickens want to run all over the yard, but you'd like them to stay in one easy spot. This metal chicken coop will keep them together while still giving them plenty of space to run around or relax. The roof cover will keep them dry if it rains and lets them enjoy sunny days without standing in the direct UV rays. You can make sure they don't escape with a lock on the front door. Get peace of mind for your chickens with this chicken coop.
Product Details
  • Suitable for chickens, rabbits, ducks and more.
  • Keep pets secure while they play.
  • Made with solid galvanized steel for a stable structure.
  • Plastic hexagonal mesh protects your pets from predators and lets you keep an eye on them.
  • Use the chicken house cover to keep your feathered friends away from the elements. Suitable for outdoor use from sunny to rainy days.
  • Lockable galvanized door.
  • Can be used with wooden cages.
  • Assembly required.